General Advice

Are you an individual, community group, landowner, builder, architect or other construction professional needing planning support or advice at any stage of the town planning process – from pre-application through to permission and discharging conditions or amending the approved development? Or needing help during the planning appeal or enforcement processes?

Are you an individual, professional body or local community group needing planning advice or training? Or are you needing help with a community project?

Are you needing help responding to consultations from the local planning authority about planning applications, Local Plans and guidance, or designations of or boundary changes to conservation areas? Do you want to put forward a site for development to be included in a future Local Plan, or comment, support or object to one that is proposed?

There are so many questions that arise in town planning; the list is endless…..  

How does it all work?

What does a town planner do?

What is a Chartered Town Planner

How much does a town planning consultant cost?

Who makes the decision on planning applications?

How are decisions made on planning applications?

What are material considerations?

How do planning policies come about?

How to get involved in the planning policy process?

How do you  promote a site for future development?

Where can you build a house?

What does the Council do with planning applications?

What needs planning permission?

What doesn’t need planning permission?

Why  is planning permission granted?

Why is planning permission refused?

Do you have to own a property to get planning permission?

How do you get planning permission?

What information is needed for a planning application?

How much does a planning application cost?

How to apply for planning permission?

How can planning permission be granted retrospectively?

How to stop planning permission being granted?

How to object to planning applications? 

How to support planning applications?

How to comment on planning applications?

Why does planning permission get granted when there are lots of objections?

Why doesn’t planning permission get granted when there  is lots of support?

How long does it take to get planning permission?

What is a Lawful Development Certificate?

What is a Conservation Area? 

What extra controls are there in a conservation area?

What needs conservation area consent?

How do you get planning permission quickly and first time?

How long does planning permission last?

What do you do if planning permission has expired?

How to extend planning permission?

How to alter planning permission?

What are planning conditions?

How to comply with or change planning conditions?

What is a Listed Building? 

What do the different categories of Listed Building mean?

What extra permissions to you need if you own a Listed Building?

What needs listed building consent?

What extra controls are there over trees in a conservation area?

What is a Tree Preservation Order?

What to do if planning permission is refused?

How does the planning appeal process work?

How to comment on a planning appeal?

How does the planning enforcement process work?

How do you report unauthorised works taking place?

What to do if the building works do not comply with the approved planning drawings or planning permission?

When can a Stop Notice be served?

What powers do the Council have when works have taken place without planning permission?

Why has an enforcement notice not be served?

Why has the Council not stopped the unauthorised works that you’ve complained about?

How does the Council investigate alleged unauthorised works?

What do you do if an enforcement notice has been served on you?


TheTownPlanner can provide you with the answers to all these questions and any many others that arise during the planning process.  

Planning advice and support on all planning matters can all be provided by TheTownPlanner.  Please click on planning applications, heritage and conservation, appeals and enforcement for more information as to how TheTownPlanner can help on these matters or Contact TheTownPlanner below.

As TheTownPlanner website develops, a Town Planning Resource Hub containing advice and information, including handy tips, will be provided together with FAQs and Useful Links to help you navigate through the planning process.