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Town Planning Consultancy

Needing help and support guiding you through the town planning process?

Are you a local community group needing planning advice or training? Or needing help with a community project? 

Needing help responding to consultations from the local planning authority about planning applications or local plans?

Are you an architect or other construction professional needing planning support or advice at any stage of the town planning process – from pre-application through to permission and discharging conditions or amending the approved development? Or needing help during the  planning appeal process or enforcement process?




Needing advice whether planning permission is needed? Or considering submitting a planning application?

Thinking of extending your home or building in your garden? Or building a new home?

Considering setting up a business or extending your business premises? Expanding your business to include other uses? Wanting to display adverts?

Needing support developing land for housing, retail, commercial or industrial purposes?

Wanting to support or object to, or comment on a neighbouring development?

Wanting to change your planning permission?

Needing help satisfying the planning conditions and/or fulfilling the requirements of a legal agreement?


Needing advice about owning a listed building or living in a conservation area?

Wanting to extend or alter a listed building?

Considering carrying out development in a conservation area?

Thinking of converting a listed building to another use?

Needing advice about what is allowed within a conservation area without permission?

Needing advice on Tree Preservation Orders? Protection of trees in conservation areas?

Wanting to comment on a consultation on a conservation area designation or boundary changes




Been refused permission and needing advice on what you can do next?

Considering appealing against an enforcement notice?

Needing advice and support submitting a planning appeal, including written statements and attendance at site visits, hearings or inquiries?

Wanting to comment on an appeal? Or needing support including written statements and attendance at site visits, appeal hearings or inquiries?








Needing advice about development on land near you without planning permission or without compliance with approved drawings or conditions?

Wanting to complain to the Council about unauthorised development?

Carried out development without permission and needing advice how to regularise it?

Been contacted by the Council’s Enforcement Officer about potentially unauthorised development you’ve undertaken and need help and support?

Needing help responding to a planning contravention notice or enforcement notice?





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